I kinda wish that the game had a cooking system or something
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  • I kinda wish that the game had a cooking system or something
    I kinda wish that the game had a cooking system or something? Maybe certain villagers like particular dishes or you might create food for acbells parties or something.

    Spoilers if you do not wish to learn about potential future content upgrades, but dataminers have found code that's apparently associated with developing veggies and some kind of cooking (DIYs maybe?) . I don't know the full details, but this was posted a while ago, and I would guess it would be coming around the time of the Harvest Festival if that is still a thing.

    Yessss. Yeah lots of these baseline characteristics and gameplay sounds like it would encourage a feature like this, source gathering and recipes etc, so it does not appear like a massive leap. If this does become something I would be so happy.

    I was about 11 or so.

    I like New Horizons, but the issue that lots of players have is that the ongoing issue the creature personalities are a lot more dull compared to older games. If you watch footage from the Gamecube version, you'll see that animals were more"hot" with regard to how they talked to you. In many cases, they were really quite impolite - alerting you if you refused to assist them/do some thing for them. Now, this was down when Wild World premiered, but animals weren't too friendly like they're in New Leaf/New Horizons. Friendships needed to be developed over time, and it was gratifying to note once an animal you wished to befriend was steadily warming up to you (ultimately giving you their picture once you had been best friends).

    I think that the island development resources in New Horizons are great, but my main reason for playing the game would be to befriend my critters. There's no challenge to it since everyone is actually friendly off-the-bat, even the personalities such as cranky/snooty (where they are intended to be more stand-offish with you initially ). In addition, it feels like there's a lot of repetitious dialog in NH, where this wasn't true in the older games (not including City Folk or New Leaf).

    They've also seemingly removed a characteristic where creatures would see your house at a specific time. It was a wonderful way for gamers who don't have the capacity to go online to have visitors look at their property. There was a cheap Animal Crossing Items consequence to not turning up on time: it would make the animal angry and your friendship would take a small hit.
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